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“TPBS” / “TMM-ENERGOBUD MANAGEMENT LTD” has manufactured a set of equipment for Kudankulam NPP

“TPBS” / “TMM-ENERGOBUD MANAGEMENT LTD” has manufactured and delivered to the customer the first batch of ECCS pipelines – emergency reactor core cooling systems for the Kudankulam nuclear power plant under construction. The total volume of the shipped batch amounted to more than 64 tons of finished products.

The main range of pipeline elements included in the scope of supply: bends, tees, reducers of steel 08X18H10 Ø 359×40.

The manufactured equipment was delivered on time and is currently awaiting incoming inspection by plant specialists for subsequent installation at the nuclear power unit.

The purpose of the reactor core emergency cooling system (ECCS) is to prevent the reactor core from melting and to exclude direct contact of the coolant with nuclear fuel in emergencies when the reactor core cooling normal operation systems are not able to do this.