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“TPBS” / “TMM-ENERGOBUD MANAGEMENT LTD” has manufactured products for the branch of DV OIL AND GAS PRODUCING COMPANY – TPP-2 “Eskhar”

“TPBS” / “TMM-ENERGOBUD MANAGEMENT LTD” has manufactured a section of the steam line from the output collector of the ceiling screen to the input collector of the boiler superheater No. 11 for TPP-2 “Eskhar”.

The manufactured steam line is made of seamless low-alloy boiler pipes – Ø 273×26 Steel 12X1MF TU 14-3-460-2009, for operation with environmental parameters: Poperating = 10.3 MPa and Toperating = 460°C, working medium – steam.

All works have been performed according to the delivery time, products of “TPBS” / “TMM-ENERGOBUD MANAGEMENT LTD” have been delivered to the customer for subsequent acceptance and installation at the power unit of TPP.