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Working Conditions

An important principle of our company

One of the main principles of our company is creating appropriate working conditions for our workers.

The TPBS Production establishes the relations with its workers in whole accordance with the Labour legislation of Ukraine.

In the company is fixed 40 hours-workweek for all categories of personnel. Fringe benefits for every worker are guaranteed.

Workers, who deal with harmful working conditions, get additional benefits according to the Labour legislation of Ukraine and on the ground of working place evaluation.

A very important priority for the Plant is life and health of our workers that is why we attach a particular importance to creation of safety working conditions. Preventive measures against occupational traumatism are taken constantly. According to the Labour legislation of Ukraine the instructions about safety methods of working, about first aid by accidents at work and about labour protection are provided.

The Plant management is sure, that people working in comfortable conditions and feeling care for them are sure in tomorrow and ready to increase their professional skills and to achieve high results, ensuring development and competitiveness of the whole Enterprise.

This is the reason why TPBS Production  besides the social safeguards set by the Labour legislation of Ukraine works out its own social program which includes the developing of housing program, issuing loans and offering material assistance the workers and the members of their families if unexpected and extraordinary circumstances appear.

The management of TPBS Production  realizes business’ social responsibilities and seeks with its production activity to favour the development of society and state. The main aim of social activity is consecutive rise in living standards of our workers!