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Quality control at all stages of manufacturing

TPBS Company specializes to production of elements and assembly units of conduits for thermal and nuclear power plants. They are used for different purposes including steam and hot water transporting under high pressure. The safety by their usage causes especially high quality specifications of production.

We solve this important problem by means of systemic approach, controlling the quality at all stages of production – from the getting the materials and components till shipping finished products – analyzing and improving the production and technological processes to prevent the causes of mismatches and defects.

The Quality Management system of TPBS Company corresponds to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2009, what is confirmed with the ISO 9001:2009 Ukraine certificate of conformity. The QMS (SMK) is certificated also in the Russian Federation with the GOST R ISO 9001-2001 certificate of conformity. At the present time the certification the standards GOST R ISO 14001-2007 and GOST R ISO 9001-2008 requirements is carrying out.

Such approach to the production management, which is aimed at the quality of manufacturing products and the satisfaction of customer demands, is always based on active participation of all labor collective’s members. And in our case, when the manufacturing process is based on the newest high technologies and using of modern equipment, the functioning of quality system would be not possible without worker’s high skills. Realizing this fact the company management of TPBS Company organizes and runs for their worker regular advanced training courses at appropriate educational institutions. And the whole incentive program is build to induce every worker to his professional growth and development and to his active participation in the production life of the Plant.

Special attention should be paid to the Product Assurance Department of TPBS Company. These are experienced workers who had special theoretical trainings and hands-on learning, confirmed their qualification and were certificated on second level of NMK (methods of nondestructive testing) by independent bodies on certification in the field of nondestructive testing according to requirements of the standard documentation of Ukraine and Russian Federation.

Quality control of finished products is carried out by forces of Quality Control Department and the established procedure certified Central Plant Laboratory.

Main used methods of nondestructive quality testing of metal, welded connections of boilers and pipelines are:

  • Radiation (radiographic);
  • Acoustic (ultrasonic flaw detection; ultrasonic thickness measuring);
  • Penetrants (capillary);
  • Magnetic (magnetic powder inspection);
  • Visual observation and measuring.

At the rare necessity of control procedure by additional methods we cooperate with the competent organizations which we have partner relations with.

For carrying out all the spectrum of tests the Central Plant Laboratory is equipped with modern instruments and means of measuring technology which are kept in a proper condition, regularly checked and kept current.

Specialized units and all personnel of TPBS Company fully realizing importance and responsibility of their work carry out all necessary preventing and correcting actions directed at avoiding rejected, defective production.