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Quality Policy

Increasing production efficiency

The Policy of TPBS Company is aimed at winning confidence and respect of customers.

The work of each plant worker is based on customer’s demands.

The Quality Policy is generally oriented to reaching following goals in:

  • consolidation of positions on the domestic and foreign markets and continuous expansion of the sales market in Europe and CIS countries;
  • increasing of suppliers number on the basis of mutually beneficial relations and co-operation;
  • increasing of exports share by 50%;
  • increasing of workers number to 450 men;
  • getting of stable profit for the further growth of financial end economical condition of the Enterprise;
  • improvement of the quality management system;
  • improving of professional skills and qualification of the personnel.

TPBS Company will achieve the goals by means of:

  • regular analysis of customer’s demands;
  • continuous analysis of information about the sales market conditions;
  • using of high-quality modern equipment;
  • adoption of advanced technical and technological solutions;
  • training and qualification activities;
  • ensuring of favourable working conditions for the personnel;
  • adoption of rational and flexible pricing system;
  • taking of regular arrangements together with material suppliers concerning quality issues;
  • regular analysis of information concerning quality and well-timed taking of required corrective and preventive actions;
  • informing and explaining of the Quality Policy and its realization on all levels.

The TPBS Company assumes the responsibility for realization of this Quality Policy, ensuring its compliance with DSTU ISO 9001:2009 and GOST R ISO 9001-2001 requirements and continuous improving of quality management system.

The Management of Enterprise acts on the premise that every worker apprehends conscious this Policy, understands the importance of his work, honestly does it and doesn’t accept low-quality work from his colleagues, knows, that from the quality of his work depends not only the prosperity of TPBS, but also his own well-being.

Our Policy is a long-term course and with its help we intend to achieve increasing of manufacturing efficiency and considerable competitive advantages!