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The gold fund of Сompany

The true pride, the gold fund of TPBS Company is Its workers – their knowledge, professional skills, competence and experience. We believe that only they are the guarantee of success and competitive ability of our Enterprise.

Equipped with the modern high-performance equipment from domestic and leading European firms TPBS Company needs highly skilled specialists of various professions, many of which are unique, because there is no such a production in Ukraine.

The lack and uniqueness of such professions, the necessity of ensuring of enterprise’s continuing development causes the active personnel policy, which aim is forming and developing of own specialists, raising the level of their skills for to create the solidary team of professionals.

That’s why the main tasks of Personnel Management are:

  • attracting the specialists fascinated with their job, aimed at developing and ready to work to achieve common goals;
  • adaptation of new workers in the team;
  • developing of the personnel through learning, raising of their skills forming of manpower reserves and its rating;
  • creating of motivation systems;
  • development of corporate culture, creating of favourable moral and psychological climate;
  • to maintain the succession of knowledge and skills by means of probation and tutorship systems.

Complying with the rights and securing social safeguards of the workers according to the demands of the Labour legislation of Ukraine we seek to ensure the continuity of knowledge improving, to create favourable conditions for self-development as a person and as a specialist for each worker!