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Design Service

Complex deliveries of pipelines systems for power objects, which «TPBS» / «TMM-ENERGOBUD MANAGEMENT LTD», specializes in, include carrying out of exploration, design works and preparation of working documentation on manufacturing production. Individuality of each object, its piece production requires special attitude and professionalism of Design Service personnel. It makes the Service an important integral part of production process.

Design Service of «TPBS» / «TMM-ENERGOBUD MANAGEMENT LTD» is staffed with high skilled specialists with operational experience in pipeline building.

In 1980-90th with our specialists’ direct participation were developed the branch standards, which are used by the whole power engineering till now, and elaborated working documentation for production of pipelines for thermal and nuclear power units in the Soviet Union and in foreign countries.

Our people – our pride! Middle age of Design Service workers is 42 years old. The specialty work experience is 2 till 38 years. We pay much attention to education of young generation of designers taking care of inheritance and development of the best engineering traditions and sharing the stored practical knowledge and experience.

Thanks to presence of professional Design Division оf «TPBS» / «TMM-ENERGOBUD MANAGEMENT LTD» provides independently the preparation of working design documentation for manufacturing and delivery of the elements of station and turbine pipelines for thermal and nuclear power plants and also developing of special promising pipeline areas, selection of constructive solutions for basic elements of steam lines of supercritical steam conditions (SKPP) in the temperature range of 580-620°С at pressure of direct steam 28-32 MPa.

Specialists of Design Service can always offer technically competent and economically optimal solution to constructions for realization in projects of nuclear and thermal power units both from traditional steels (20, 15GS, 16GS, 12H1MF, 15H1M1F, 08H18H10T and other) and from modern high-chrome steels as Russian 10H9MFB-SH steel or its European analog X10CrMoVNb9-1 (P91). Design Service of «TPBS» / «TMM-ENERGOBUD MANAGEMENT LTD» cooperates with majority of design and branch institutes of CIS, what provides our design products with high quality and scientific support.

Fitting out the production with the modern equipment opens additional possibilities in designing of pipelines systems and ensures high quality of their manufacturing.

Design Design working life of manufactured equipment makes 200 thousand hours, out-of-roundness of bends makes 4–6 % and maximal thinning of pipe walls in the tension region makes 10–12 %, by block delivery to 50% and more the number of welded joints falls, what cuts appreciably the operational costs. These characteristics of our production make it possible to use it for building of modern secure power facilities, which completely meet the world standards.

Pipelines Design Manager,
Yury Zavgorodny


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